5 mistakes of a modern resume👇🏻

5 mistakes of a modern resume👇🏻

⭐️ take your time - indicate skills, and relevant vacancies and focus on your strengths;

⭐️structure the data - try to fit all the information on one sheet;

⭐️ do not use the entire vocabulary - write simply and professionally, maintaining a friendly tone;

⭐️ promote yourself as a professional and focus on how you will strengthen the team if hired. Expectations from the employer are better voiced at the interview;

⭐️ specify less personal information. You can indicate your name, place of residence, and contact information - it is inappropriate to tell more personal details;

⭐️ check. Do not forget about letters, spaces, and commas, so that the text of the resume is not ruined by simple spelling mistakes.

Remember that the first steps are very important on the way to success, and a resume opens the way to your dream job😎


Viktoria Zhdaniuk