Hiring the Zoomer generation:

Hiring the Zoomer generation:

The Zoomer generation grew up surrounded by technology, gadgets, and a rapid flow of information from the Internet, so it is not surprising that young people have significantly different habits from older generations. Instead, young employees strengthen teams with unprecedented creative potential and non-standard thinking.

Companies are constantly on the hunt for innovative ideas, and in the field of software development, young IT professionals are valued for their quick minds, quick learning, and adaptability to change.
What will help attract the attention of young talents? Here are the top 5 tools:
**Be available on Google.** Optimize search results by "cleaning" your career pages. Make sure information, contacts and addresses are up-to-date, and details about remote work or flexible hours are immediately at the forefront.

**Don't call.** The generation that grew up with a smartphone in their hands does not like to call - young people correspond in chats and messengers. Get a chatbot to write and send resumes to, don't make Zoomer calls or answer calls.

**Apply for jobs using social media.** According to recent studies, users between the ages of 18 and 24 use TikTok (55%) and Instagram (76%). Why not invite a potential candidate to an interview where you can immediately talk about your company in a post or story?

Do not hesitate to go to university - look for talented candidates in their places of study. Conduct training or participate in career events, immediately emphasizing your social responsibility.
Be prepared for change.

While offering remote employment, also discover online calls for interviews or meetings. Do not forget that one of the main values ​​of youth is sincerity. And if only the first page of the site believes in the company's mission, then a keen young eye will immediately see it.

And don't forget that it is best not to have a young, but diverse and cohesive team. Then people of different ages will be useful for business and pleasant colleagues to each other.
Viktoria Zhdaniuk

Viktoria Zhdaniuk