How to stay motivated while looking for a job?

How to stay motivated while looking for a job?

Changing the workplace is always stressful, even if you move to another company on favorable terms. And an unexpected job loss or exit from a project becomes a serious challenge for anyone.

We have collected 5 tips that will help you stay motivated and get out of the "unemployed" status faster.

    • keep a schedule, because looking for a job is also work. Maintain a routine so that lack of discipline does not lead to procrastination;

    • act according to the plan, and remember what you always wanted to do. Maybe it's time to change activities or start your own business.

    • conduct a professional "inventory". Combine "I want" with "I can" by creating a detailed resume. Consider a quick way to make extra money, for example, consulting or involvement in short-term projects;

    • check your LinkedIn profile and update outdated information. Create profiles on specialized job search platforms and browse the sites and social networks of the companies you are interested in - your new offer may be waiting for you in the vacancies section;

    • increase networking by attending professional events and communicating with your acquaintances. Always keep your resume ready to send, because, in a short conversation with a neighbor in the elevator, you can also have time to present yourself as a new employee.

      Although many unknown factors exist, a new job can be a stepping stone to a more successful career. Be persistent and never doubt yourself!

Viktoria Zhdaniuk