How to work whith objection?

How to work whith objection?

Today we will talk about how difficult it is for recruiters to fight the objections of our talented candidates sometimes🤪 Let's discuss the most frequent ones, and what to do with them😎

🔵 "I don't want to change anything, everything suits me anyway"

Here it is necessary to understand that nothing can be perfect and to find out smoothly, maybe something is not to his liking.

🔵 "This is not my level"

The priority is to find out, but what is his level anyway?🧐 Maybe the requirements of the candidate's vacancy scared him a little 🤷🏼

🔵 "I have other offers"

The main thing is to continue communicating! Let's be purposeful! You need to find out more about other places and indicate how you are better❤️

🔵 "Another company offered me more"

Well, here your candidate is already bargaining! This means that you have already interested him in something) Determine what is the main criterion for him in work, and work on it💕

Well, the main goal in communicating with the candidate is to identify his important selection criteria, and in the selection process to improve the vacancy so that the candidate accepts the offer🔥

Viktoria Zhdaniuk

Viktoria Zhdaniuk