IT in  Blackout conditions

IT in Blackout conditions

The IT world, like everyone else, is now very quickly trying to learn how to live and work in new conditions.

The conditions of the unknown.

Living without light, water and communication are very unusual, but working is on the verge of something incredible.

Our specificity is nowhere without communication, so let's get out of it together!

☝🏻1 rule:

Forget what a work schedule is. Because now your schedule determines the availability of electricity and communication. Work when there is light and try to do your workload, including weekends and not from 9 to 18 as before)

If there is light from 18 to 22 work then. If there is light on Sunday, work it out instead of blackout on Thursday. Yes, it is not usual, but losing projects is worse than working off schedule)

☝🏻2 rule:

Wander the city in search of a cafe with light!

There are several advantages here. You will taste all the cakes in the city, have a connection according to your schedule, and finally change your pants for a very warm weekend suit

☝🏻3 rule:

Who else but IT should know about all the benefits of modern development! Therefore, as an option, you can stock up on Starlinks, power banks, and charging stations, and if you are very rich, you can buy a generator

Remember, your main task is to do as much as possible so that the employer does not feel your "inconvenience". Do your job conscientiously and be patient when your lamp goes out again☝

Ukrainians are extremely creative people, so we will be able to continue our work even in such difficult conditions! But after that, we will be so hardened that nothing will scare us!

Viktoria Zhdaniuk

Viktoria Zhdaniuk