Linkedin: how to search candidates

Linkedin: how to search candidates

Social networks have invaded our free time, there's no denying that.

Moreover, they have already reached our professional life after all, social networks are now one of the active sources of finding new candidates!

Today we will discuss such a giant as Linkedin, and how to find your candidate there quickly and without unnecessary movements😎

✔️ Boolean search by exact criteria. We do it according to the necessary skills of the candidate and the headline. This combination will speed up your search almost twice⚡️

✔️Google knows everything, and this is no exception. All you have to do is specify the name of the social network + the specialist you are looking for in the search query!

✔️Special applications that will simplify your life when working with Linkedin are fox-Soup, Al-Fox, Skrapp, and Buffer.

But you should always remember: there is something new (Linkedin) and there is something eternal - Matchit🤎

Because we always have the candidate you need exactly 🤎

Also, join our candidates' Telegram channel! We simplify your life as much as we can there we publish the most interesting active candidates


Anton Bohdanov