Professional burnout: how to prevent and work after?

Professional burnout: how to prevent and work after?

If you feel:

  • loss of enthusiasm and interest in work;
  • fatigue, even after sleep;
  • sleep and appetite disturbances;
  • emotional exhaustion;
  • the appearance of doubts about one's professional skills;
  • the desire to isolate oneself socially, then... may have fallen into the trap of professional burnout.

To get out of this state and prevent its occurrence in the future, use simple rules:

  • high-quality and stable rest (no response in chats, ,mail and work calls);
  • a new hobby (creativity, sports, or ordinary walks);
  • changing the working environment (a comfortable workspace near the window or working from home);
  • a clear schedule of work and rest (Work-Life Balance or the new Blend, as you prefer).

The main thing is not to ignore any of the described symptoms. Your mental health is as important as your physical health, and in order not to lose interest in the profession completely, first of all, take care of yourself.


Viktoria Zhdaniuk