Top applications for organizing the work of a recruiter

Top applications for organizing the work of a recruiter

Well, admit it, have you already started working or are you still celebrating?😁

It's time to leave the festive table and encourage your brain to work for a better future! Matchit has prepared several programs for you that will help you a little in organizing your working time and space)

CleverStaff - The program optimizes all processes in the recruiter's work and reduces routine tasks to a minimum 👌

Trello - helps you plan personal and work tasks, unites the tasks of all team members even if you are in different parts of the world🔥

HackerRank - Creates technical assignments to help recruiters evaluate the skills of software professionals and developers.

Self Management Group is one of the most scientifically based programs on the market. It includes research data for 35 years. This HR software helps predict productivity and plan employee retention.

Workday - combines accounting, personnel management and planning in a single cloud ERP system to improve business efficiency 🔥

So, we learn to organize our time correctly) Perhaps you have already used one of them?

Or do you have your top programs for organization? Share in the comments👇🏻


Viktoria Zhdaniuk