How to Find and Hire the Best IT Talent Worldwide

How to Find and Hire the Best IT Talent Worldwide

How to Find and Hire the Best IT Talent Worldwide

In a world where every business depends on tech, hiring IT talent is crazy hard. Companies across the globe are searching for experts in fields such as software development, cybersecurity, data science, and more.

According to the SHRM study, the average cost of hiring a candidate in the US in 2022 was $4,700, up almost 14% from $4,129 in 2021. The more time a company spends on the candidate search, the more this number grows.

Despite the popularity of tech professions, IT companies struggle to find a perfect fit and look for potential candidates across multiple resources at the same time, spending months to get the right person to join their team.

So, how do you slash time-to-hire and bring in IT professionals that will drive innovation and propel your organization to new heights? There are several options.

Top 4 ways to find your IT talent

Self-hiring Self-hiring is a common approach where companies handle the entire recruitment process internally. This method gives you complete control but can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. In a highly competitive market, it might not yield the best results as top IT professionals are in high demand and are often quickly snapped up by competitors.

Using recruitment agencies Recruitment agencies are another option for finding IT talent. They have access to a pool of candidates and can streamline the hiring process. However, traditional agencies may lack global reach and specialized knowledge to find the perfect IT candidates in different regions. Moreover, their resources are often limited, which puts limits on how fast you can scale your IT talent recruitment efforts.

Online job boards Many companies post job openings on online job boards, hoping to attract IT talent. While this method can be effective for local hires, it may not be the best choice for global talent acquisition. Sorting through hundreds of resumes and conducting countless interviews can be time-consuming and inefficient.

Partnering with a global recruitment platform Partnering with recruitment platforms is a strategic choice for businesses seeking IT talent. These platforms are an enhanced mix of online job boards and recruitment agencies. The most prominent example of a recruitment platform is It offers businesses several key advantages when seeking IT talent:

  • A vast network of over 300 HRs and recruiters with specialized knowledge in IT recruitment
  • Global reach to top IT talent from around the world
  • Full support: from writing an effective job post to candidate filtering and management
  • Transparent communication with a dedicated manager
  • Only verified candidates
  • Flexible payments tied to tangible results
  • An option to try the MatchIT platform for free


Businesses choose different strategies to land the best candidates. Some prefer to use internal resources for hiring, while others only trust recommendations or try online boards.

Recruitment platforms like provide you with the best of both worlds. Just like recruitment agencies, they offer dedicated support, but with a much larger team and for less money. Like job boards, they open access to global talent but handle management and filtering for you.

Partnering with a platform like this, you can streamline your hiring process and scale your tech team at any time and pace that benefits your business.

Anton Bohdanov

Anton Bohdanov