Cognitive errors with candidates and how to avoid focaps!

Cognitive errors with candidates and how to avoid focaps!

🔍 Cognitive errors with candidates and how to avoid focaps! 💼🔎

Cognitive errors can occur in recruiting that we should avoid. As a professional IT recruiter, I have noticed these mistakes many times in my students and, I admit, I have also sinned. Today I want to share with you the most common mistakes and ways to avoid them in your work.

1️⃣ The "First Impression" effect: The first impression of a candidate can stay with us throughout the entire recruiting process and influence our assessment. It is important to look at the candidate objectively, regardless of the first impression he made.

2️⃣ "Confidence" effect: when evaluating candidates, it is worth checking whether our evaluation is related to the expectations we had for the candidate in advance. Often we try to confirm our first opinion, even if the candidate presents himself differently at later stages.

3️⃣ The "Like Me!" Effect: We need to be aware that friendship to empathy can influence our evaluation of a candidate. The similarity of traits and values can distort our vision and perception of his professional skills.

Why do we fall into the trap of cognitive distortions?

1️⃣ Great way of communication: In the mode of continuous communication, it is difficult for us to see with external eyes. A good solution is to record the interview on audio and listen to it before the final conclusion.

2️⃣ Standard questions: When we use the same questions for all candidates, we risk ending up in a "copy-paste" situation. It is worth regularly updating our cases, questions and evaluation methods, adapting them to each specific vacancy.

3️⃣ Self-confidence: Regardless of our experience, we can fall into the trap of self-confidence. It is important to understand that our knowledge and skills need constant updating. Contacting senior colleagues or mentoring sessions will increase our level of competence as a result.

Remember that avoiding cognitive errors in recruiting will help us be more objective and ensure high quality recruitment. And don't forget to develop and improve your skills!


Viktoria Zhdaniuk

Viktoria Zhdaniuk