How to attract new employees with the help of your employees?

How to attract new employees with the help of your employees?

Can you imagine how important an employee is in the hiring process if as much as 26% of candidates come to the company on the recommendation of the staff? Each team member is a reflection of your business and a brand ambassador, so they attract people who match their values ​​and spread the word easily. Everyone has a circle of interests, where people of the same profession often coincide. In informal communication, it is easier to talk about the advantages of your workplace and provide complete information that the candidate does not dare to ask the recruiter during the interview.

The one who received a recommendation is more inclined to communicate because he trusts a familiar person more and integrates into the team more easily.

For your employees to be motivated to search for candidates, organize a system of incentives👍🏻

Define financial rewards or additional incentives for each candidate referred to your business. It can be a vacation, discount, or corporate event. Detail all rewards and distribute them to employees.

But be ready for feedback — openness to improvements will help not only find new people but also increase the trust of employees within the team😉


Viktoria Zhdaniuk