How to find real talent in a huge ocean of candidates?👀

How to find real talent in a huge ocean of candidates?👀 has prepared the top 5 non-standard search strategies.

85% of the number of employed candidates are passive seekers, a lot, right?
It is necessary to be able to attract them as well, therefore:

**🔹 We use our product.
**These are stories about Reface masks on social networks or a Spotify playlist with requirements for frontend developers. Such products create a wave of popularity among users, among whom may be a potential candidates for the team;
**🔹 Be creative.
**Hide an "Easter" with a job offer in the site's console or create a quest for developers. You will surprise the candidates with a creative approach, and word of mouth will already work here 👍🏻
**🔹 The most simple types of communications.
**When creating a form for candidates, take care of its accessibility, so that a person spends less effort on filling in data and shares contacts more quickly;
**🔹 Save the data of candidates who have lost interest.
**Every employer has a list of people with whom contact has been lost. Someone filled out the form but didn't show up for the interview. And feedback from such a candidate will help to see ways to improve the hiring process.

These are all additional sources that will greatly expand your base :)
Therefore, let's not forget about the "primary, basic school" for finding candidates, such as job fairs, bulletin boards, or tours of your offices.
Do not be afraid to use something new, because that is what you will find more unusual for your work☺️

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Viktoria Zhdaniuk

Viktoria Zhdaniuk