How to write great job descriptions

How to write great job descriptions

The competition for a cool candidate is now like searching for an empty spot in a beehive😬 According to statistics, an employer has only 25.9 seconds to attract a candidate's attention. In less than a minute, your pitch should grab the attention and interest of a potential employee.

How then to describe the vacancy so that it looks convincing and attracts the candidates you need?🤔 Let's consider a few rules for describing vacancies:

  • describe not only the duties assigned to the employee but also the skills required to perform them. For this, it is necessary to study the competencies in the relevant field of knowledge, as well as to indicate important soft skills — leadership skills, attentiveness, etc.;

  • for an accurate selection of candidates, use the required keywords in the job description. In one or two sentences, you can attract the attention of a potential candidate and immediately outline the advantages of your vacancy;

-detail working conditions. Feel free to indicate all the advantages that your company offers - training prospects, corporate discounts, insurance, rest.

For each subsequent vacancy to contain everything you need, make a kind of "checklist". With its help, you will check the job description for the presence of key points. Analyze the work of the employed and create a base of necessary attributes — competencies and skills. This will save you time and increase the efficiency of the search for personnel.

Use this "cheat sheet" from Matchit, and you will increase the number of high-quality closed vacancies❗️


Viktoria Zhdaniuk