Starting a blockchain project?

Starting a blockchain project?

**In order not to look for a needle in a haystack, Match it. I have collected tips on finding rare blockchain developers😜 Specialized platforms offer a ready reserve of talent and will help to filter specialists by direction. In addition to the popular and Toptal, there are several equally effective communities:

**✔️DREAM — for finding independent developers with an hourly and fixed payment for projects of various scales and duration;

**✔️ is a small community of blockchain developers with recruitment consultants to quickly find specialists;

**✔️ is a blockchain-focused platform with a wide range of search filters and bitcoin payment options.

To attract the attention of blockchain developers for a long-term project, you can turn to traditional platforms such as or Although there are also specialized job boards in the blockchain field:, (with a convenient Telegram bot),, (only paid ads), criminality, bounty one.

You should also not forget about the time-tested methods of recruitment - Internet communities and networking. You can find specialists in your field on Reddit or StackExchange, and attending hackathons will help you not only gather a database of contacts but also get to know developers personally, seeing them at work.

Match it advises against focusing on one recruitment method. The field, which is making a technological revolution, needs both creative specialists and non-standard hiring of personnel.


Viktoria Zhdaniuk