The most  popular programming languages

The most popular programming languages

World IT fashion is born in the United States.
The US market makes up 33% of the world market of IT services, and therefore Americans themselves set trends in the world of programming☝🏻

The most popular languages today are React, Python, Node, JavaScript, and AWS.
Let's get to know them a little better☺️

    • React - a programming language for interface development, which makes up 20% of job offers on the labor market. It is popularized by Meta developers and specialists looking for tools to improve user interface and UX design;
    • Python is the most preferred language to learn among developers in the last three years. Python as a proven companion over the years is versatile, fast to work with, has readable code, and has a friendly online community;
    • Node.js - JavaScript's "sister" on the V8 engine, which startups choose to develop web applications. Collected over 90,000 stars, ranked second most popular on Github;
    • JavaScript is a top star among programming languages, used in 97% of websites worldwide. A favorite tool for sites with a game form, dynamic style, and rich animation;
      5.- AWS is a popular language, especially among IT specialists in the USA. Safe, affordable, and easy to set up. Will be a big plus when looking for a job for those who work with AWS, React and Python or AWS, React, and Node at the same time.

Remember, most often they are looking for someone who knows several languages, so to speak, a "universal soldier".
Therefore, keep your finger on the pulse!
Follow the trends with!
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Viktoria Zhdaniuk

Viktoria Zhdaniuk