Make 2x more recommending candidates

Automate recommendations management using we manage interviews, offers, and payments; you bring the best candidates for jobs on the platform.

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$328 200

bonuses are paidto recruiters

Monetize your candidate pipeline more efficiently manages your candidates and recruitment bonuses taking payments and communication with clients away from you. You find the best candidates to the jobs on the platform — we take care of everything else.

Try if you

Have more candidates than job offers at once

Sick of having to remind companies to pay you well-won bonus

Don’t have time to manage all the CV’s you propose

Got scammed by companies that hire but don’t pay

Don’t want to wait probation period to receive your money

Want to get 50% of salary as a bonus from every candidate


Get your bonus right away

We don’t make you wait for candidate to finish probation period. We divide the bonus and pay you monthly starting from the first one. This way we protect your interests and help you receive money from the top.


How it works, exactly?


Send candidate’s CV and cover letter

to apply them on the particular job post (you can send as many relevant candidates, as you want)


Receive live updates on every candidate you apply

you don’t need to check on candidates, because everything is automated


Get up to 50% of the monthly salary as a bonus per hire

If company hires Senior Developer for $6K, you receive $3K bonus


Get the bonus over 3-6 months starting from the hire

We don’t make you wait for candidate to finish probation period, so you can be rewarded right away


Keep calm, you are guaranteed to get paid

You don’t have to check up on the companies, so they don’t forget about you - we cover the money management


Grow your internal rating and specialisation

So we can approach you with the jobs you have the biggest pipeline for

Ready to start?

Register, create profile, and help us match best candidates with companies they would love


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How to register on

1. Click on the "Register" button

2. Select "Personal profile"

3. Enter an email

4. Click the "Sign up" button

How and when the bonuses are paid?

The timing of bonus payments depends on the specific vacancy for which you recommend a candidate. By default, you start receiving a bonus equal parts from the first working month of the hired candidate. IN in some cases, the bonus is paid in full after 3 months after hiring a candidate, which you will be warned about before recommending candidate.

How big are the bonuses?

The size of bonuses differs for each vacancy, its size is indicated for each vacancy. Currently closing 1-2 vacancies, recruiters on average receive from 1 to 8 thousand dollars.

How to publish candidates?

1. Click the "Candidates" tab

2. Click on the "Publish Candidate" button

* When publishing candidates, other users will not see the full name and contacts of the candidates, this data can be obtained only after confirming the request for the candidate by the recruiter who published it.

** Transfer the candidate's data only after his consent to the transfer in each individual case.

How to track the candidates hiring flow?

1. In the upper right corner click on your name

2. In the drop-down menu, click "Dashboard"

3. In the menu on the left, select the 2nd item - "My Recommendations"

Where to knock if I still have some questions?

* If you have not found the answer to your question - write to us on or telegram

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In our detailed and freshly updated knowledge base

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