How to start your career in recruiting?

How to start your career in recruiting?

How to start your career in recruiting? has selected for you a list of the first steps that are mandatory to study at the beginning☝🏻 So, some basic knowledge that you cannot do without:

✔️Technology: It is important to know the difference between Frontend and Backend, as well as which programming languages refer to each of them.

✔️Frameworks and Libraries: Knowledge of frameworks can be critical for some jobs, such as Frontend Developer on React and Angular.

✔️Databases: It is important to know relational and non-relational databases and the difference between them.

✔️Cloud Technologies: Knowledge of cloud technologies like AWS, GCP and Azure can also be manufactured.

✔️Universal tools: System developers choose project management systems, version control and bug trackers regardless of programming language.

✔️Testing tools: Knowledge of JMeter for Load tests and NUnit for Unit tests in C# can be helpful.

✔️DevOps processes and tools: It is important to know about the CI/CD process, orchestration and special tools.

✔️Data Science: It is important to know about the types and directions (CV, ML, neural networks), Hadoop tools, languages, frameworks and tools used in the field.

Training and development are key to a successful career in recruiting. Pay attention to trend areas: Big Data, AI, AR/VR, Blockchain. ☝🏻

As you can see, the specifics are such that the training of recruiters never ends, because there are always trends that need to be followed.

Finally, a successful recruiter must be ready for change, adapt to new technologies and trends, and learn from mistakes and improve their skills.

Viktoria Zhdaniuk

Viktoria Zhdaniuk